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Maximize Protein Utilization and Reduce Feed Cost:

  • Unique Protease enzyme.
  • Improved protein digestibility and availability of amino acids.
  • Improved energy utilization.
  • Reduced dietary crude protein and energy requirement
  • Reduced feed cost
  • Lesser nitrogen excretion and environmental pollution.

Challenges in Poultry feeding:

  • Significant rise in the cost of protein-rich feed ingredients.
  • Beside second most expensive components of poultry diet, protein in SBM is about 87% digestible, whereas protein in maize is only 81 digestible.
  • The challenge, therefore, are:
    • To use protein as efficiently as possible so as to reduce feed costs without compromising animal health and performance.
    • To improve feed efficiency in birds fed low protein diets.
    • To reduce environmental pollution.



DigeGrain Pro 6 (Alkaline Protease): 25,000,000 PCU/kg

DigeGrain Pro 3 (Acidic Protease)   : 25,000,000 PCU/kg

How DigeGrain Pro works?

  • By improving proteins and amino acids digestibility.
  • By improving energy utilization.
  • By complementation of endogenous enzyme activity.
  • By reducing dietary CP and energy requirements.
  • By reducing cost of diets.
  • By reducing nitrogen excretion and environmental pollution.

Pelleting Stability:

DigeGrain Pro is found to be heat stable up to 85°C for 45 to 60 seconds.


Powder and Liquid


In 25kg HDPE drums / 30kg Jerry Cans.

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